About CXI


In the late 1950s and early 1960s a group of farmers gathered together to discuss the possibilities and advantages of using organic materials in the agricultural industry.  These farmers recognized the impact of beneficial microorganisms (probiotics) in the soil and began to experiment with a process that would encourage and stimulate microbial activity in the soil.  Dairy farmers, in turn, explored the possibilities of eliminating the odor and biosolids problem resulting from the concentration of manure around the milking barns.  The results of their efforts have been revolutionary, and out of their foresight, CXI was born.



Since its inception CXI has perfected the processes involved in culturing naturally forming soil microorganisms for stimulating the soil and the promotion of growing healthy plants.  CXI offers the N-TEXX® line of products that are liquid soil enhancers that inoculate the soil with microorganisms necessary for healthy soil and plant life.  The N-TEXX® line has proven to be successful for activating the microbial activity of the soil, increasing nutrient uptake of the plant, developing greater root mass, and improving water infiltration.  It has received positive test results in field and university tests around the world.  In addition, it has proven to be cost effective.

Waste Away®

CXI also cultured microorganisms that thrived on waste as a food source. Continual testing and experimentation led to the development of another microbial product now known as Waste Away® . Waste Away® had immediate application for improving natural decomposition of waste and minimizing odors eminating from waste lagoons, septic tanks, and the composting industry.  With an increase emphasis on no-till or min-till farming, farmers need a low cost, effective way to readily break down residual crop stuble and Waste Away® has proven to be the solution.


Jim Prewitt, CEO of Landmark Nurseries, Inc., the largest, wholesale grower/distributors in Texas, purchased CXI in May of 2001.  Jim immediately implemented CXI’s customer promise: to provide quality products and services in a cost-effective manner.  For information regarding CXI or our products please call our corporate offices in Coppell, Texas at 972.471.7775.