Row Crops

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Grains —  wheat, barley, corn, oats, rye

Application Rates/Methods:


  • Stronger, healthier plant
  • Decrease percentage dry down
  • Improved total Nitrogen and Protein content (feed value)
  • Increased fine feeder roots resulting in improved water and nutrient uptake


Application Rates/Methods:
Root Crops —  carrots, sugar beets, potatoes

Application Rates/Methods:
Oilseeds —  sunflowers, safflowers, soybeans

Application Rates/Methods:
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For Best Results in Agricultural Application:

  • Ensure tank is free of residue, avoid chlorinated water if possible
  • Do not apply when a crop is severely stressed
  • Do not mix with fungicides or insecticides and do not apply within 2 weeks of applying fungicides
  • May be mixed with a 2,4-D herbicide