Trials - turf | July 13, 2006

Trials – turf | July 13, 2006

Post, Texas ISD Football Field
July 13, 2006
These pictures were taken of the football field in Post, Texas. The old
field had been totally removed and new soil, if you could call it that, was brought in. The soil was full of rocks and weeds.

Trial - Turf | September 14, 2006

Trial – Turf | September 14, 2006

Post,Texas ISD Football Field
September 14, 2006
B.J. Schilling, South Plains Compost, Inc. The middle or crown of the field was virtually sterile with little to no grass growth. 3/4 inch deep fine screen cotton burr compost was applied over the entire field with a blower machine. The field had been seeded in April and had a very poor stand of grass. The Post ISD grounds crew watered the field daily with no help from mother nature. On August 21st N-TEXX® Soil Inoculant with Humus was applied to the entire field.