National Organic Program


The National Organic Program

The National Organic Program (NOP) is a federal law that requires all organic food products to meet the same standards and be certified under the same certification process. All organic producers and handlers must be certified by accredited organic certification agencies unless exempt or excluded from certification.

Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)

The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) supports organic integrity by providing organic certifiers, growers, manufacturers, and suppliers an independent review of products intended for use in certified organic production, handling, and processing.

The WSDA Brand Name Material List (BNML)

Through our Material Registration Program, WSDA Organic Food Program has evaluated the formulations of the products on the Brand Name Material List and determined that they comply with the National Organic Standards. Producers and handlers may use the products on this list and have confidence that their use will not negatively affect the status of their certification.

Download OMRI Notification of Allowed with Restrictions Decision: Waste Away® (CT)