Can you leave N-TEXX® mixed overnight in a tank?

N-TEXX® may be mixed and left standing overnight.  However, it is recommended that the spray mixture be thoroughly agitated before spraying starts.  The pump “by-pass” line should be returned to spray tank to assist agitation.

How high should the boom be above the ground?

When spraying, aim to get an even coverage of N-TEXX® over the whole of the treated area.  The height of the boom must be adjusted under actual spraying conditions.  (Wheels will sink into the cultivated ground and thus affect the height of the boom.)

Do soil conditions have any bearing on rates?

Yes, the spray that falls on clods and stones cannot be mixed into the soil particles to obtain an even distribution of the product in the soil.

Does rain affect performance of N-TEXX®?

Moisture in the soil is essential to make N-TEXX® work.   Heavy falls of rain improve performance unless the soil becomes waterlogged with free water lying on the surface.  Under these conditions poor plant nutrient utilization occurs.

How much water per acre or hectare (2.471 acres)?

We recommend a minimum of 50-100 gallons per acre (100 liters per hectare).  It is most important that you know exactly how much spray your equipment puts out per acre or hectare.

What is the minimum moisture requirement needed in the soil?

Enough moisture to start wheat. Down to a depth of at least 4-6 inches the soil should be moist to the touch but not soggy or water logged.

Can N-TEXX® be used on areas where other fertilizers are to be applied?

Definitely.  N-TEXX® actually improves action of other fertilizers.  However, as long as the soil has a minimum content of organic matter, the mode of action of this product should not be affected.  Basically, N-TEXX® application should be included with the fertilizer program as it actually improves the effectiveness of the fertilizer applied.  This also allows flexibility in fertilizer management, enabling more efficient plant nutrient uptake to occur when a fertilizer program is substituted, or used in conjunction with an application of N-TEXX®.